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So, it’s closing up to christmas (at least in my workd, but I start x-mas shopping in July so…) and I thought I would do this thing.

It’s sort of like a give-away in that that ten winners will get a free commission (I will officially start up with commissions february 10th 2015, since that’s when I turn 18 and can set up Pay Pal)

So here’s the rules:
- To win you must reblog this and follow me before November 1st.
- That day I will select 10 people at random as winners by the means of lottery.
- If you’re one of the 10 I will message you my e-mail and discuss what you’d want there.
- I will compleate all 10 paintings by December 24th
- I will send you the finished product around lunch CET on December 25th.

Remember, I will not post these paintings on my blog as they don’t belong to me once I’ve gifted them. If they show up online or not is in the hands of the recievers.

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